Friday, April 22, 2011

Tree Tubes: There's no "wrong time" to install a tree tube!

People often ask me: When is the best time to install my tree tubes?

My answer:  Today!  (The second best time:  Tomorrow.)

Seriously, there's no bad time or wrong time to install your tree tubes.  They can be installed when seedlings are still dormant, or they can be installed when your seedling are in full leaf.

If you install them later in the summer after the seedlings have already pushed new growth you might not see a dramatic increase in growth from using the tree tubes until next year... but that's OK - at least your trees will be safe from the deer!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tree Tubes Withstand Flooding

(Click to enlarge)

A customer in Mississippi sent this photo after recent high winds and (obviously) torrential rains.

Even after all that, his Tubex Tree Tubes with PVC Tree Tube Stakes are still standing strong!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tree Tubes: Giving Nature a helping hand

If you end up with some extra tree tubes after you're done protecting your newly planted seedlings, chestnuts and acorns, here are a couple of ways you can put those tree tubes to use:

1. Use tree tubes on naturally regenerated seedlings (volunteers) that you want to favor and protect

2. Use tree tubes on stump sprouts (suckers) that grow after an older tree dies or is harvested

Obviously growing from seed or re-sprouting from an existing root system are two ways trees have been reproducing since the dawn of time.  But keep in mind that only a tiny percentage of those naturally regenerated trees ever survived to reach maturity - and today's volunteer seedlings or sprouts face more dangers in the form of record high deer populations and dozens of invasive weed species than ever before.  Covering them with Tree Tubes not only shields them from deer browse, it makes it easier for you to locate those special young trees and give them some weed & brush control.

So you don't always have to plant a tree to grow a tree.  Sometimes you can simply take what Mother Nature starts and give it a helping hand.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Projects Of The Week

Whew, it was a whirlwind of a week* with a bunch of new tree planting projects getting off to a successful start.  The pace of orders and shipments turns this time of year into a bit of a blur, so I apologize if I'm forgetting some.

> A grower in PA bought a bunch of 24" tree tubes (yes, we have those - pls call for a quote!) to use on direct seeded American chestnuts and other trees.  And yes, she did get our special discount available to anyone using our Tree Tubes on American chestnut trees to help restore this magnificent species.

> Hazelnut bushes in Georgia - which will benefit from our Vented Tree Tube design

> Genetically select bur oaks in Texas

> Grapevines in Minnesota, Iowa and Pennsylvania

> Northern red oak and black walnut in Michigan

> Riparian buffer CREP project in Virginia

> Willows and cottonwoods in a riparian buffer CREP project in eastern Oregon

As always, thanks to all of our customers for allowing me and Wilson Forestry Supply to play at least a small part in the success of your projects.  Our success is measured by the success, growth and health of your trees, and how quickly they fulfill your plans.

* Speaking of whirlwinds, check out our Tree Tube News section to read how our Tubex Combitube Treeshelters and PVC Tree Tube Stakes withstood sustained 50mph winds in the South.