Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Pay For Tree Tubes You Don't Need?

This is another in our series on the hidden costs of some tree tubes.

In the movie Father of the Bride Steve Martin had a famous - and hilarious - grocery store melt-down trying to purchase a quantity of hot dog buns that matched the quantity of hot dogs.

Every year tree planters across the country shopping online for tree tubes must have similar melt-downs, trying to purchase a quantity of tree tubes that matches the number of trees they are planting.

Say you are planting 32 trees.  Most tree tube companies force you to purchase 50 tree tubes, so you're paying for - and paying to ship - 18 tree tubes you don't want or need.

Not at Wilson Forestry Supply.  If you need 32 tree tubes you can order 32 tree tubes.  You can do this two ways:

1) Our website, is set up to sell our tree tubes in bundles of 25 (although that will change soon).  In the meantime, we are delighted to take your orders for "oddball" quantities by email or over the phone.  Just contact our tree tube expert Chris Siems and he'll be happy to help!

2) If you do prefer to order online we have three partner companies whose web sites do handle sales of 17 or 42 or 913 tubes:

> Tree tubes from Tree Protection Supply

> Tree protection packages from Mossy Oak's Nativ Nursery (and while you're there please browse through their seedling selection - not browse like a deer but browse as in shopping ;-)

> Tree tubes from The Wildlife Group (and again while you're there check out their great selection of wildlife habitat trees and shrubs, but remember:  "wildlife trees" means deer love them, twigs and all, and deer are not smart enough to leave them alone and let them grow to maturity - every one of these trees is valuable enough and tasty enough to deer to deserve - require - a tree tube!)

Together we'll offer any quantity of tubes you need, and we won't charge you extra to break cases.  And, unlike Steve Martin, you won't end up in jail just for refusing to buy products you don't need just because the manufacturers choose to package them a certain way.

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