Friday, December 17, 2010

Tree Tube Tip: Pre-threaded ties save time

I have worked with tree tubes for more than 20 years, but every year I learn something new.  That's why I love it so much.

Pre-threaded tree tube ties is a largely manual process that adds to the cost of production.  Some forestry contractor customers had always told me that tree tubes with pre-threaded ties could be installed 20 to 30% faster than those whose ties need to be threaded in the field.  One contractor had pin-pointed the difference to 22%! 

For a long time I didn't believe them.  I thought that there was very little difference in installation time between tree tubes with pre-threaded ties and those without.  And if there was little to no difference in installation time, then pre-threading ties at the factory was an unnecessary added cost, right?

Wrong!!  I did some time trials myself.  Pre-threaded versus un-threaded, 100 tubes each.  The time difference between the two?  You guessed it:  22%.  I learned a couple of big lessons in that field.  #1: always listen to the guys in the field who install thousands upon thousand of tree tubes per year.

#2: Always offer the best treeshelter on the market, at the most reasonable prices.  You might pay a little more for a tree tube with pre-threaded ties, but when comparing prices be sure to balances that slightly higher prices against the 22% savings in field labor you will realize!

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