Monday, December 13, 2010

Where to buy online

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the tree farmer or outdoor enthusiast on your list?
Wilson Forestry Supply tree tubes and stakes are available through 2 great online partners:

Tree Protection Supply - Based in Newnan, GA Tree Protection Supply carries a range of tree tubes.  Owner Scott Berta is a registered forester and has a wealth of experience with tree tubes.  Scott pioneered the use of 1/2" pvc conduit as the ideal tree tube stake - durable enough to last, flexible enough to allow the tree to gain stem caliper as it grows up through the tube, resilient enough to sway in the wind (or when rammed by a rutting buck) and spring back without breaking or tilting.

Mossy Oak's Nativ Nursery - No one cares more about the outdoor experience than Mossy Oak, and the folks based in West Point, MS bring that same dedication and expertise to their young (but fast growing - literally!) nursery operation.  So while you're shopping for your tree tubes & stakes, be sure to check out Nativ Nurseries amazing range of hybrid oaks and other wildlife-feeding trees.  Nativ Nurseries seedlings and the best tree tubes on the market make an unbeatable combination.  You literally will not believe how fast young trees - even oaks (actually especially oaks!) can grow.

Both companies allow you to purchase any quantity of tree tubes, rather than forcing you into buying pre-packaged numbers that are too many or too few for your needs.  With other tree tube companies, it's like trying to buy the right number of hot dogs and buns.  With Tree Protection Supply and Mossy Oak, if you need 17 tubes you can buy 17 tubes - no "broken case" fees, no hassle.

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