Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wilson Forestry - The Best Gets Better

Tubex Treeshelters have been the "gold standard" for hardwood establishment worldwide since 1985.  Their easy of installation and durability have made them the choice of tree planting contractors and forestry professionals.

Wilson Forestry Supply is proud to offer the Tubex CombiTube Treeshelter, without question the most advanced tree tube on the market today... and at unbeatable pricing.

What makes the Tubex CombiTube so unique?  It's the only tube that combines the classic Tubex nested tube design with the benefits of ventilation.

Back in 1989 when Tubex Treeshelters were the first tree tube introduced to the USA most foresters thought that a tree tube should be an air-tight chamber.  Man, were we ever wrong!  Subsequent research has shown that vented tree tubes have multiple benefits:

1) Increased CO2 availability, for more total photosynthesis (in the old unvented tubes, the tree seedlings would use up all the CO2 in the tube and then stop growing until the tube was slowly "recharged" with CO2)

2) Better stem caliper growth - those little puffs of wind and the dots of sunlight that come though the vent holes are not enough to cause moisture stress, but are enough to foster better stem thickness growth

3) Reduced heat and moisture build up in the Southeast means fewer problems with foliar fungi as compared to unvented tubes

There is no case where ventilation is not beneficial - no matter where your project is and no matter what species you are planting.  If your job specifications call for Tubex Treeshelters but do not specify vented tubes, give us a call.  We can help get vented tubes accepted and create a win/win/win for you, your client and the trees!  Call Chris at 507-301-5106.

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