Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food Plot Deer Fence Now Available!

We're happy to announce the introduction of a new Food Plot Deer Fence - the easy, affordable and effective solution for keeping deer out of your food plots... until you want them there!

Made from heavy duty plastic netting, this Deer Fence is a breeze to install, fast to take down, and stores compactly between seasons.  It is UV stabilized for a long life - it is rated for 10 years of continuous UV exposure.

We use 10ft schedule 40 electrical conduit pipes for posts, and fasten the netting to the posts with heavy duty cable ties. 

Our Food Plot Deer Fence comes in 8ft x 500ft pieces, and each includes a roll of reflective "bird scare tape" you can fasten to the net to give the deer a visual cue to stay away.

This temporary but rugged deer fence is also a great way to keep deer away from forested areas with a high level of natural regeneration.  You can simply attached the netting to surrounding trees to form a quick & easy exclosure. 

For more information about our Food Plot Deer Fence, please contact us today!

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  1. Here’s some pictures of a returfed area together with a newly created lawn edge along the fence made with block paving bricks. composite fencing