Friday, March 11, 2011

Think Like A Farmer When You Plant Trees

I just got off the phone with a customer who plants trees for wildlife habitat on his Oklahoma farm.  He commented that this must be a great time to be in the tree tube business, because more and more landowners - in his words - "get it." 

By "get it" he meant that landowners these days, especially those planting trees for deer and wild turkey habitat, understand what it takes to successfully grow trees.  And the more you understand what it takes to successfully grow trees, the more you see tree tubes as a cost saver.

This gentleman said something else that really struck me.  Many of today's wildlife tree planters also plant food plots of corn, soybeans, brassica and other crops every year.  They are used to preparing the soil and spraying for weeds.  They understand what it takes to grow a successful food plot, and they transfer this mindset to their trees - with great results.

He went on to say:  "You have to think like a farmer when you plant trees."  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Literally - because in 22 years of selling tree tubes I never have said it better myself!

On another note, after several years of using 4ft tree tubes this landowner is switching to 5ft tubes due to the high level of deer browse he is getting when trees emerge from 4ft tubes.  Judging by my sales, many other landowners are thinking along the same lines.

I have more 5 foot tree tubes on the way, but they are going fast.  Call or email Chris Siems today to reserve yours!

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