Friday, March 18, 2011

Tree Tubes In Action - Weekly Wrap Up

One of the things I like to do during planting season is to look back on the week just past and recap the various projects folks bought our tree tubes for:

American chestnut seedlings in Maryland

Hazelnut and red alders in Oregon, along with with Douglas fir, cypress and ponderosa pine

Hybrid oak trees in MI, OH, MS, VA, TN, LA and KS

Bur oak, burgambel oak, dwarf chinkapin oak, chokecherry, chokeberry, buffalo berry in SD - lucky deer!

Gobbler sawtooth oaks in AL

Fruit trees in UT

American chestnut, black walnut, butternut, black cherry and northern red oak in MN

That's just a small sample.  There have been too many orders and shipments this week for me to track them all, or to know for sure what trees folks are using their tree tubes on.

But as usual, the best part of my job is talking with landowners and helping them achieve their management goals - not simply by pushing treeshelters but by discussing planting layout, species selection, letting them know about all of the great nurseries out there offering unique planting stock, and helping them skip about 3 years of trial and error by sharing the experiences of other landowners I have been privileged to work with.

Thanks to all of our customers for another great week.  And thanks for all of your hard work in re-treeing our land.

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